Against the Shadow

The Ghostlord's Tower

Part Three

Azarr Kul brought a deadly new ally into the battle when horde agents stole the phylactery of the human druid lich known as the Ghostlord and coerced this powerful undead menace into joining the war on the horde's side. After gaining possession of the stolen phylactery, the heroes traveled to the Thornwaste and did battle with Wyrmlord Ulwai Stormcaller in the lich's lion-shaped lair. Eventually, the heroes confronted the Ghostlord himself and purchased his neutrality by returning his phylactery in exchange for peace. By the time they dissuaded the lich from joining his forces to those of Azarr Kul, the horde was bearing down on Brindol. 


Arcantalos Arcantalos

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